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Venus has a very special story of Imagination, Vision & Innovation. The high standards of quality control throughout the process of taking the raw material to finished product, including testing and inspection, are reflected in the fact that every day, thousands of people around the..                 
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It is an honor for us to be at the helm of a company which is growing from strength to strength every day. Venus Tools has grown over the years to become as one of the finest industry. It has made rapid progress with advanced technology and we believe that we shall lead the way into the future.
The Tool Room is one of the main strength of manufacturing. We are equipped with assortment of CNC Machining Centres and latest CAD/CAM software's to match complicated design solutions for manufacturing of Forging, Trimming and Coining Dies. This forms the base
At Venus we strive to build in sufficent reserves to be sure that each product delivers when put to the ultimate test. We achieve this through stringent controls at each stage of production. Our products are GS approved(TUV & VPA), DIN, ANSI compliant & ISI approved (Bureau of Indian Standards).
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More than four decades of manufacturing hand-tools with impeccable precision has afforded Venus Industrial Corporation an enviable reputation and place in the industry. Our focus on innovation and use of contemporary technology to make the best equipment that provide maximum value to the users has given us an edge, placing us above the rest. Their varied equipment portfolio includes hand tool wrenches, socket wrench sets, wheel spanners, combination pliers, safety belts and equipments, oem tool kits and lubrications tools and equipments among a host of other products.

We have carved a niche for ourselves as leading d-ring manufacturers, measuring tools manufacturers, pipe wrench manufacturers garden tool manufacturer and spanner manufacturers in India. The finesse with which we craft our equipment and components has made us a force to reckon with in manufacture of scaffold hooks in India and also as a measuring tape company. Strength and accuracy in manufacture process means we are popular as manufacturers of equipment like tow hooks in India. Uncompromising quality and exacting specifications are our forte and this is what endows us with the trust of millions.