Design & Tool Room
The Tool Room is one of the main strength of manufacturing. We are equipped with assortment of CNC Machining Centers and latest CAD/CAM software's to match complicated design solutions for manufacturing of Forging, Trimming and Coining Dies. This forms the base for achieving consistent quality level and producing same product with high accuracy.

Hot Forging
Our Forging section is equipped with four Forging Presses (Taiwan make) to achieve high accuracy along with 12 Forging Hammers. Our production is based on 'TQM' (Total Quality Management) to guide us for huge assortment of products which are forged with great precision.

Heat Treatment & Quenching
The single most important procedure in the Factory is Heat Treatment, that is very Critical to the strength of every Hand Tool.

To achieve accuracy in microns machining is done by highly technically qualified employees on CNC & NC Machines.

Surface Finishing & Coating
This is done in house to ensure corrosion protection and surface finishing.

Final Inspection & Packing
All Venus products are 100% inspected by a team of highly experienced staff before dispatch.