Personal Protection Equipment in India comes from many different companies with global standing. Venus Industrial Corporation is a premier manufacturer of PPE in India with a wide selection of equipment. According to the client's specifications, various types of materials can be used for the construction of different equipment in a multitude of design specifications. We offer an extensive range of Eye and Face Protection, Head Protection, Limb Protection, Body Protection and Hearing protection equipment.

From simple to complex, all equipment is standardised in the protection it offers and greater degree of protection can be offered on demand. Complete body suits - HAZMAT Suits, protection for welding purposes for the eyes, hard hats for construction sites and other hazardous places, footwear and gloves to protect against chemicals and resistant to water and sound proofing equipment; Venus India puts forth everything you might need for protection purposes. Controlling the damage that might arise out of injury at a hazardous workplace is a better approach than treating such an eventuality.