In the industrial world, a lot of risks are taken every day but with the availability of safety equipment, these are calculated risks that do not endanger the lives of those working in various capacities. Venus India is a prominent high quality safety components and safety equipment manufacturer. Safety belts and equipment comes from varied brands and each has its own advantages, with a basic standardisation that is the norm for each industry. It is the utility over and above the standardisation that sets a manufacturer of safety equipment apart. Safety components are a product which demands that the manufacturer encourage the buyer to trust their dependability.

From protective fabrics to industrial safety equipment, we manufacture each safety component with utmost precision using the latest technology. As leading safety equipment manufacturers, we take the manufacture of heat resistant garments, secure safety belts and equipment to save from falls and slips, and safety showers, very seriously. You can select from a selection of safety locks that will keep you in place and out of harm's way.