Fall protection hardware is a very important requirement for climbers, high-rise cleaners and other high altitude workers. Falling down from even a few stories can be fatal and especially at work places, it becomes the responsibility of the employer to ensure the wellbeing of his staff. In such a case, steel carabiners are a must to safeguard valuable lives. Venus India makes fine quality steel carabiners in India that are rigorously tested for extreme conditions. Being able to withstand tough terrains, our strong products will never let you down.

Meeting and in some respects exceeding the set standards of material and construction, our steel carabiners are one of the very best in the industry. The simple yet secure locking system allows one to undertake difficult tasks without worrying about safety. Different models are perfected for different places and activities. Our premier quality steel carabiners in India can even be manufactured according to client specifications to provide them the best utility of the product.