A trusted name in the world of water pump pliers, Venus India is as good as it gets. It is an integral part of every woodwork project and is a must in every tool box. While such specialty tool are complicated in manufacture and may cost a bit, they are made with precision, using highest quality materials that will last you forever. Venus India brings to you the very best water pump pliers and that too at competitive prices. When you want to invest in tools and expect them to serve you well through the years, it pays to buy the finest.

A type of slip-joint plier, a water pump plier has serrated jaws that can be aligned at varying angles to suit your purpose. For better working and less clumsy designs, the lower jaw of our water pipe plier is adjustable, making it suitable for varied operations without becoming unwieldily. Designed originally to tighten and remove water-pump nuts, they are now also used to turn and hold nuts and bolts in place, grip odd shaped things and clamp them down. A well designed and constructed water pipe plier has a great transmission ratio that makes sure a little effort gets translated to huge force.

We at Venus India are very proud of everything we manufacture and not without reason. Every single piece is crafted using the best raw materials, quality tested stringently and made to last. A satisfied customer to us means a lot and we strive to make sure all our customers fall in this category. When assembling a toolbox with varied tools, it is an important part which brings in a lot of value and reduces the effort by many degrees. Buying the best may seem like an expensive proposition, but makes perfect sense in the long term.